• We are managing all Leasing process of the shopping center
  • Drafting shop-mix plan of the mall according to the location
  • İdetfyfing national and international tenant profile
  • Conducting contract management.
  • Provding reporting to the investor regarding all process of leasing

PR&Marketing Management

  • Coordination of all work with Advertising and Public Relations Agencies.
  • Coordination the brand strategy, concept, logo, corporate identity of the shopping mall with relevant agencies.
  • Organization of Promotional and Marketing strategies also reacting in order to reflect these strategıes into turnovers


  • Creating operation plan, target budget, and departmental budgets
  • Creating the organization chart and establishing the team
  • Training and guiding management staff
  • Identification and management of cleaning, security, technical and all other subcontractors
  • Preparation and application of the marketing plan in order to increase turnover and number of visitors of the mall
  • Drafting a financial budget analysis and reporting to the investor
  • Control of common area and other general expenses, detailed monitoring on expense basis and reporting
  • Contract preparation and follow-up
  • Organization of auditing activities


  • Identifying and Analyzing of the project with the scope of location and concept.
  • Analyzing of the project layouts in order to set the brand mix, review of the existing architectural design in terms of increasing the operational functionality by recommending national and international brands.
  • Determining the concept and decorations and target visitor groups.

Renting Office

  • Producing new generation office solutions which provide the highest level of services
  • These spaces will lead environments where people and companies come together and do their best work.
  • Creating inspiring, innovative, unique and safe working spaces will be combined with flexible and professional solutions.
  • Providing office spaces without any additional investment or wasting time. Opportunity to start working immediately.
  • Providing different types of office spaces for different types of usage
  • Maintaning contracting flexibility according to client needs